Chris Pratt Runs in Heels Like Jurassic World Co-Star Bryce Dallas Howard on The Late Late Show—Watch Now!

James Corden let him borrow a pair of bright red pumps

By Francesca Bacardi Jun 11, 2015 1:06 PMTags
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If there's one thing stars of Jurassic World do a lot of, it's running. But Bryce Dallas Howard had to sprint for her life (or else get eaten!) not in a comfy pair of sneakers, but in a pair of high heels not designed for escaping an Indominus Rex.

Naturally, when Howard and co-star Chris Pratt stopped by The Late Late Show, host James Corden couldn't help but praise the actress for her phenomenal running in heels throughout the entire movie. So, how did she learn this highly difficult skill? Training!

"Honestly, I trained for running in heels as if I was in the Olympics," she said. "This is a life and death situation here. I better be sorted."

Training tactics included ankle weights and getting over her "difficult time" with heels in general! "But I overcame that somewhat!" she admitted.

The idea of women wearing shoes that aren't comfortable mystified the late-night talk show host. He recalled a time when he and his wife were in New York City about six months ago, and traffic forced them to get out and walk six blocks.

"She said to me something I'll never forget," Corden confessed. "She said, 'If I'd known I had to walk, I would never have worn these shoes.'"

He added, "It just makes zero sense."

Pratt also praised his co-star for running abilities, especially since she had to do it through mud and the jungles of Hawaii. Corden then asked Pratt if he had ever tried to run in heels, but the Guardians of the Galaxy star admitted, "I've never found a pair big enough to run in."

Lo and behold, Corden bestowed him with a pair of red pumps. Never one to turn down a challenge, Pratt graciously accepted the shoes. They seemed to be a perfect fit as Pratt managed to not only keep them on but also pranced around the set them! He made his way to the band and back again, with his arms held out to his sides like he was showing off a new outfit LOL.

It might not have been a sprint like Howard's character in Jurassic World, but it was certainly something. Watch the video above to see Pratt do his best in heels!

Jurassic World is in theaters Friday.

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