Kylie Jenner Wasn't Completely Cut Off Financially From Kris Jenner—Find Out What Was Paid for!

Keeping Up With the Kardashians star explained her money situation to British InStyle

By Ken Baker, Mike Vulpo Jun 09, 2015 8:28 PMTags
Kylie JennerFern/Splash News

Maybe this momager isn't so tough after all.

Some eyebrows were raised this week when Kylie Jenner revealed to British InStyle that Kris Jenner gave her the ax financially at 14 years old.

"My mom cut me off financially three years ago," she admitted to the publication. "So I pay for everything—my car, my gas and food as well as my clothes."

As it turns out, E! News has learned the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star hasn't had to pay for everything. In fact, she's had plenty of help with some important items.

While living with her parents in Hidden Hills, Kylie had all of her basic needs paid for as any teen does. Yes, that includes food and laundry.

But when it comes to "extra" items and luxurious splurges, those definitely came out of the teenager's own account.

"Kris has always taught the girls about the importance of financial responsibility and independence," a family source explained to E! News. In other words, Kylie meant to say she was "cut off from extras."

"Kris has taught all the girls that if they want something, they have to work for it. Kris made sure she paid for Kylie's car, for medical, for housing, for food, for vacations. All the usual stuff," the insider added. "If she wanted to buy new clothes, she would have to save up. If they wanted extras they had to buy extras."

As a matter of fact, Kylie may not exactly have trouble purchasing a few "extra" items out of her own pocket.

Between her fashion collaborations with PacSun and TopShop as well as a debut novel, the 17-year-old has experienced many impressive deals that the average teenager doesn't encounter until much later in life.

Perhaps that's why she gets to move into a swanky $2.7 million mansion of her own very soon. 

"Kylie has her own vision on how she wants her home to look," Kris recently shared with E! News. "She has a few months now until she moves in, to really take her time and get it she will really embrace that time...and get really creative. Kylie is really excited!"

Keeping Up With the Kardashians returns with new episodes later this year on E!