Our first thought after seeing Lifetime's The Unauthorized Full House Story cast photo? Oy, those wigs! Cut. It. Out.

We may not have had high hopes for accuracy for Lifetime's take on Full House, but we sure didn't expect this. And neither did the actual Full House cast.

"They tried," Jodie Sweetin, who played Stephanie Tanner on the sitcom, tells E! News. "The wardrobe, I think, is very spot on. I think Dave Coulier actually wore that shirt last week."

But Bob Saget wasn't quite so diplomatic in his reaction to the cast pic.

The Unauthorized Full House Story

Scott Schafer/Lifetime

"How can you look at this? Isn't it painful?" Saget, who played Danny Tanner, tells E! News. "I went to so much therapy to not look at myself."

And Saget even has some advice for the cast set to portray them in a behind-the-scenes account of the ABC sitcom that ran from 1987-1995: apple boxes.

"They're going to need to stand on apple boxes," Saget says. "I can't look at it too long, I'll turn to salt. I can't look at it. The one on the left looks like Dave just ate 19 rotwurst."

So how could Lifetime have cast the TV movie better? Simple.

"They could have not done it!" Sweetin says with a laugh, while Saget agrees.

Andrea Barber, who played Kimmy Gibbler on the classic sitcom, had similar feelings about Lifetime's unveiling of the cast pic.

"My first thought is thank goodness Kimmy Gibbler didn't make it into this cast photo," Barber tells E! News. "You could call it creepy. That's one adjective you could use to describe this photo. There's many adjectives that you could use to describe this photo...I honestly don't know what to think about it. We're not affiliated with it in any way, we don't know anything about it."

Press play on our exclusive videos above now to see what else Saget, Sweetin and Barber had to say about Lifetime's upcoming Full House movie. Plus check out what scoop they dished on Netflix's upcoming sequel series Fuller House, and how they feel about Mary-Kate Olsenand Ashley Olsen not joining the reboot.

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