Calling all you TV slackers who missed out on the brilliance that was True Detective season one! If you have been living under a rock yet to watch the critically-acclaimed freshman season of the HBO drama, you're in luck: you can just jump straight into season two without having to play catch-up! (Although you should still watch season one anyways.)

Since True Detective is a true anthology series, the upcoming, hotly-anticipated season two is going to have a completely new cast of characters, location and story. And according to one of this season's stars, Colin Farrell, the biggest things viewers can expect from this season is "change."

HBO, True Detective


"It's different the second season for sure," Farrell exclusively tells E! News at the Maui Film Festival, where he was honored with this year's Navigator Award. "There's a similarity and a certain tone that the piece has that I think resonated with me as having a tone that was reflective of the tone of the first year and a sensibility that's the same. But the characters are very different, the aesthetic is very different, the pace is very different."

That doesn't mean that True Detective season two will be an entirely new show, though.

"Some of the existential crises that the characters are dealing with are fundamentally some of the same issues, some of the same human concerns," Farrell says. "The first year was so good, so good. Nic [Pizzolatto], the writer and creator and showrunner, who wrote the first season and the second season, he always intended it to be an anthology and for each season to stand alone. So hopefully people will be okay with it being different and they'll be open to it being a whole new breath of life."

Press play on our exclusive video above now to see what else Farrell had to say about what's coming up this season on HBO's hit drama, including whether or not his questionable facial hair he had to grow for the role helped him land any dates with the ladies!

True Detective season two premieres Sunday, June 21 on HBO.

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