Jason Alexander Reveals Danny DeVito Turned Down Seinfeld Role

Find out who else was up for the George Costanza gig

By Chris Harnick Jun 04, 2015 1:38 PMTags
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Jason Alexander is synonymous with George Costanza. But that almost wasn't the case. While on the Howard Stern Show, Alexander and host Howard Stern discussed the other famous names who tested for this iconic (George is iconic, naturally) Seinfeld role.

So who was almost George? Well, a lot of people, apparently. Larry Miller, Brad Hall (who is married to Julia Louis-Dreyfus), David Alan Grier, Nathan Lane, Steve Buscemi, Paul Shaffer, Danny DeVito, and Chris Rock were all testing or offered the role.

"For whatever reason they didn't take it," Alexander told Stern. He said DeVito, who starred in Taxi and is now on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia was offered the role, as was Rock.

"I think in the case of Danny he probably didn't want to be—his career, when we started Seinfeld, would've been at its apex, so he probably didn't want to do a sidekick role," Alexander said. "Why Chris wouldn't do it? I don't know, maybe it didn't get to an offer stage. I don't know."

As Alexander tells it, when he auditioned he did his best Woody Allen impression. And the rest is history.

Next up for Alexander: Taking over Larry David's role in the Seinfeld co-creator's play A Fish in the Dark.

Check out the gallery below for more what could've been roles!

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