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Whaaaat just happened?

Season six of Pretty Little Liars just premiered, promising us a #SummerofAnswers. However, we found no answers in that premiere. Instead, we found questions, and a lot of them, like "who?" and "what?" and "whyyy?"

Why were the girls being so sassy with each other while trying to escape a deranged psychopath? How long did it take Charles to remove all the girls' clothes, and why is that the creepiest part of this whole thing? What were the scary scream-worthy surprises lurking behind their bedroom doors?!

How do all the girls still look so good after going through something so traumatic for three weeks that they can't even talk about it? How did Charles hack that GPS? What woman did Charles get to lend her voice to all of the creepy recordings? Who the hell is Sarah Harvey?!

It took the entire episode including a time jump of three weeks to get out of the creepy dollhouse, and it was quite a ride. There was a lot of screaming, a lot of whispering, a lot of Mona whimpering because she was being kept in a hole. You know, the usual.

Meanwhile, Ali was working with Tanner and the police to try and bait A/lead suspect Andrew Campbell, but she made things difficult when she decided to head out on her own to meet Andrew herself. She ended up in a car with a GPS controlled by Charles, instructing her to look in the trunk. The trunk held some clothes and a nice card telling her to put them on or else, basically. 

Pretty Little Liars

ABC Family

Luckily, Ezra and Caleb were not far behind Ali and showed up in time for her to not get kidnapped by Charles, so she could never appreciate the room Charles was forcing the other girls to prepare for her.

Back in the dollhouse, the girls tried to get into Charles' vault where they discovered old home movies of the DiLaurentis family, including two young boys and a baby Allison. They then successfully burned the dollhouse down, saved Mona, and escaped unharmed, right into the arms of their loved ones.

Haleb, Spoby, Ezria, and even Emison had their little moments, and all seemed right with the world.

However, there was one more surprise waiting: Tanner discovered another girl hidden in another hole! Her name? Sarah Harvey, aka the girl who went missing around the same time Ali first went missing. WTF?

So, we didn't really get any answers, but we're absolutely intrigued, so we'll be spending the summer with the little liars anyway, answers or no.

What did you think of the premiere? Watch our post-episode chat below, then head to the comments to weigh in! 

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