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You can (and should) call her Caitlyn!

In just a few hours, Caitlyn Jenner has received plenty of support from fans and celebrities alike after making her big reveal in Vanity Fair. In fact, she already gained more than one million followers on Twitter. Yes, that's faster than President Barack Obama's previous record.

(With the release of her cover on June 1, Caitlyn has chosen to publicly identify as a woman and E! News will refer to her using female pronouns. In stories published prior to this date, Caitlyn was referred to as Bruce and male pronouns were used.)

Unfortunately, a few people including Drake Bell are not being supportive on social media. 

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"Sorry…still calling you Bruce," the former Nickelodeon star tweeted Monday afternoon before deleting the transphobic remark 40 minutes later. He later added, "That's bravery."

Followers, however, were quick to sound off and try their best to educate the actor and singer on his transphobic words. Oh yah, and some people weren't nice in the process.

While Drake continues his vacation at the "North Shore," many fans are eagerly waiting for some type of an apology. He attempted to clarify his remarks by writing, "I'm not dissing him! I just don't want to forget his legacy! He is the greatest athlete of all time! Chill out!"

In the meantime, Caitlyn is focusing on all the positive that comes with being her true self. In fact, girls' nights are definitely on the agenda "where everybody is treating you the same way." 

"You can talk about outfits," she told Vanity Fair. "You can talk about hair and makeup, anything you want. It becomes not a big deal."

Learn more about what it means to be transgender from GLAAD. If someone you love is transgender, contact PFLAG.

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