Do you have a fake Starbucks name? If not, it's time to start brainstorming. If you've ever ordered yourself an iced coffee or a mocha frapp, chances are you've gotten that drink with something you didn't order: A complete butchering of your name.

At Starbucks, the name misspelling is an equal opportunity experience. No matter your gender, religion or creed, a barista will get your name wrong. Even if you list out each letter as slowly as possible (and several times over), you're going to get a surprise when you see your cup. And just imagine what it's like for those of us not blessed with common monikers like Ashley. (Don't pretend to know my pain).

The misspellings have become so rampant that customers are forced to speak out about their ordeals.

As it turns out, all of these spelling errors may actually be on purpose. BuzzFeed has obtained secret footage of a recent Starbucks job interview, which included a spelling test portion. As you can see in the above video, the coffee chain actually encourages er, unique, versions of common names.

Or maybe it's you that's been spelling your name wrong your whole life, and Starbucks is here to enlighten you. Is your name Mike? Are you sure it's not Myke? And John...pretty sure you mean June. Your moniker might not even include any letters from the Alphabet! 

Thank you, BuzzFeed, for unearthing this footage. And thank you, Starbucks, for showing us the light. Sincerely, Seija €∏&♣∞

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