Harriette Thompson


Well this may get you to the gym Monday morning!

Harriett Thompson had every reason to focus on other things besides running miles and miles. At 92 years old, the cancer survivor wasn't exactly expected to complete a half marathon or even a 5K.

But the Charlotte, North Carolina resident defied all expectations Sunday morning when she ran the Rock ‘n' Roll marathon in San Diego…and finished it!

In 7 hours, 24 minutes and 36 seconds, Thompson crossed the finish line where she received plenty of cheers and applause for her amazing accomplishment.

"I'm amazed that they, that they're interested," she shared with reporters after the race. "I just feel I don't deserve this, but I'm enjoying it."

If you needed to be impressed even more, we've learned that this is Thompson's sixteenth time running the race. In fact, she ran the same course last year and came in at practically the same time.

"Every year I write to my friends and say, this is my last year," she said. "And then I do another one."

So how does she continue to put on those running shoes and run faster than people half her age? It takes some hard work and motivation.

Thompson admitted she ran this year's race in honor of her son who was recently diagnosed with cancer. She also had experience on her side.

"Well, I guess the fact that I did have a little training before," she joked. "I've done it before. So I thought if I did it before, maybe I can do it again."

Talk about super woman! Congratulations Thompson! Meanwhile, we're going to get a move on our own physical fitness ASAP. 

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