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To be honest, Chris Pratt could have just sat quietly for two minutes and we'd be urging you to watch—but this is actually really extra-cute!

During an appearance on The Graham Norton Show that will air June 6 on BBC America, the Jurassic World star was asked just how much of a fan he was of the so-called scripted reality show The Only Way Is Essex (aka TOWIE). And at first Pratt tried to blame his wife for his viewing habits, but it became pretty obvious that he was hooked too.

"We love that garbage TV back in the states, my wife is crazy about it!" Pratt explained the kinship they felt with TOWIE, which he described as England's version of the Jersey Shore.

TOWIE bathing suits

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"We shot Guardians of the Galaxy here in London and my wife [Anna Faris] came out to visit and she fell in love with this show TOWIE...It's the Jersey Shore from here," he explained to Norton and his fellow guests, Melissa McCarthy, Jude Law and John Bishop.

"And these folks are just like the worst," he continued, "and I'm a parrot a little bit, and so when I hear it all the time I just started picking it up...I could pick up their accent and do it, a little bit."

Oh, and he did.

"This is really embarrassing to do in front of a whole room full of Brits here but I'll try it anyways," Pratt offered gamely. "So it's like..." he cleared this throat and launched into some spot-on dialect.

Watch and hear for yourself! (And if you can catch all that local slang, good on ya.)

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