Digital Breakdown: The Ultimate Nail Guide Is Now at Your Fingertips

Find the best art to match different fingernail shapes

By Erika Stalder May 29, 2015 11:28 PMTags
ESC, Nail Shape InfographicKailey Strachan for E! Online

The year was 2012 and sprightly actors like Zooey Deschanel wowed on the red carpet by painting tiny designs (like simple tuxedo bows) on their digits. Three years later, the gesture seems quaint. Now, getting creative with nails means deciding from a bevy of nail shapes, polish finishes, 3D bling and textures. And they all seem to be having a moment, depending on your mood.

Looking for an intimidating shape to wear when breaking up with your man? Not sure which type of nail art looks best with a throwback oval shape? With the help of our friends at LA's Enamel Diction, who create boundary-pushing nail art looks for celebs like Kelly Rowland and Adrienne Bailon, we bring you a handy guide to help you find—and embellish—your perfect nail style.