Entourage Director Says Gary Busey Showed Up to Shoot His Cameo and Didn't Remember He'd Done the TV Show First

Quirky actor was true to form on set, the Entourage cast agreed

By Daniel Nissen May 29, 2015 12:42 AMTags
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That's just so Gary Busey.

According to Entourage creator and the new film's director, Doug Ellin, the Oscar-nominated actor showed up to the set to shoot a cameo and did not remember ever having a guest appearance on the original HBO show. 

The 70-year-old star, whom you may also know as the bad guy in every '80s action movie, was in a memorable 2004 episode called "Busey and the Beach."

Yes, the episode was even named after Busey!

In what Ellin described in an interview with AOL Build as "one of my favorite moments in the history of my career," he told Busey on set, "we're going to do this just like we did last time."

Ellin recalled Busey responding, "'What do you mean last time? I did the show?'"

The director asked him, "Are you f--kingg with me right now?"

"And he wasn't," Ellin concluded.

And the overall consensus was that Busey's quirks have remained intact over the past decade.

Actor Kevin Connolly also said during the chat, as reported first by Page Six, "He said, ‘Kevin we're going to play a game called tickle and pee.' I said ‘Gary, no. I'm 35 years old.' He chased me down and held me down and tickled me like I was 9 years old. I almost peed."

We can't wait to see the actor's antics on screen when Entourage comes out on June 3.