Cody Linley, Dancing with the Stars


Julianne Hough is taking some of that dancer's poise into the operating room with her.

"I’m not worried. I'm feeling good," she blogged Tuesday on Fancast about the laparoscopic (teeny incision through the belly button, no scar) appendectomy she was planning to undergo later in the day.

The two-time Dancing With the Stars winner revealed yesterday that she has been diagnosed with endometriosis. But before heading out to meet with her doctor, Hough took time out to explain what actually happened to her last week when she rushed to the hospital with severe stomach cramps.

"Actually what happened is last week was more than just a tummy ache. Obviously. It turned out I ruptured a cyst that was on my ovary. I didn’t know but I have endometriosis. I’ve apparently had it for a long time because I’ve had this pain for about the last five years. It hasn’t been as bad. Up till last week, I let it go and I was always too busy to get it checked out. But because it happened when I was on set, they made me go to the doctor."

And it was a good thing "they" finally did.

"They want to clean out the cysts and take out my appendix, too, because later on it can be affected by the cysts," Hough wrote.

"Endometriosis is a common thing for women. I was like 'thanks mom for giving me my great life—and endometriosis.' I said that jokingly. My sister who has five children is going in for the same surgery in a couple weeks."

Interestingly, the Hough ladies aren't the only ones who have to set aside time for hospital-mandated R&R.

Julianne's dad was playing father-son lacrosse Saturday when he apparently tripped and broke his collar bone and separated his shoulder, becoming the second Hough man (that we know of) to require a doctor's care over the last couple months.

"He was going to be with me for my surgery but he’s going in for his own today. I want to say thanks to a Fancast user named Nana who wrote in with good wishes for my dad," Hough also wrote Tuesday.

In the meantime, she's still hoping for a Hough vs. Hough final on DWTS. "That would be great fun. I hope it happens!" she wrote.

If brother Derek—the only Hough sibling "who doesn’t have to worry about having his ovaries checked"—can stay healthy, it just might.

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