Riley Curry's encore press conference did not disappoint!

Stephen Curry's adorable 2-year-old daughter returned to the podium Wednesday after the Golden State Warriors' 104-90 win over the Houston Rockets advanced them to the NBA Finals. Dad was technically center stage and fielding media questions, but let's be honest: Riley was the real MVP!

The little scene-stealer was feeling slightly sleepy at first, but as her NBA star dad started talking basketball, the game and what not, Riley perked up, realizing it was time to reclaim the spotlight. So what's a girl to do? Sing the Drake hook from Big Sean's "Blessings," of course!

Way way way

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Steph couldn't help but smile as his baby girl took control of the microphone, sang, "I feel blessed," and flashed the cameras an irresistible grin. "You wanted to say that," he acknowledged with a laugh.

Riley wanted to sing more of the hit song, but her dad, needing to answer reporters' questions, took the mic away (!). It didn't take much whining, though, before Steph gave in to his daughter's wishes and let her sing to the media once again.

But even with a musical element mixed in, press conferences can seem long and boring—especially to a 2-year-old. Riley quickly became distracted with dad talking basketball, so she played a game of peek-a-boo from behind a big curtain at the side of the podium.

"I think she's taking advantage of the moment for sure," said Steph with a laugh as Riley squealed and jumped up and down beside him. "She's way too comfortable!"

Hey, that's not a bad thing! Riley should enjoy being front and center now, because pretty soon she's going to have someone else vying for dad's attention: A younger sibling! That's right, Steph and wife Ayesha Curry are expecting baby No. 2 this July.

Just imagine Steph's post-game press conferences when he's got two tiny scene-stealers sharing the stage!

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