The Top 9 Jaw-Dropping Moments From "Botched Presents: Perfect"

By Carrie Dilluvio May 27, 2015 5:04 PMTags
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Last night, the Human Ken Doll also known as Justin Jedlica came back to Botched!

But this time it was for "Botched Presents: Perfect" which focused solely on three interesting patients. Justin came on to finally get his veins stripped from his forehead and to get his homemade back implants put in! We also met Krystina whose life goal is to like exactly like a caricature that was drawn of her over a decade ago! 

And lastly, we met Sofie Vissa, who was Casper Smart's alleged transgender mistress while he was dating Jennifer Lopez. All three of these patients were quite a riot!

9. Seeing the Human Ken Doll when he was just a human

8. Actually seeing Justin during surgery

Watch: Human Ken Doll Is the First to Get Back Implants

7. Krystina's life goal

6. The Human Ken Doll's plastic surgery tab

5. When "snatch" became the new "fetch"

4. Heart shaped nipples

3. Casper Smart's alleged transgender mistress admitting that she wants to look like Jennifer Lopez

2. Justin's new back

1. The moment we waited for all night

Tune-in for a brand new Botched on it's new night starting Sunday, June 7th!