Judd Apatow and Leslie Mann Geek Out Meeting President Barack Obama—Watch Now!

Producer tells Jimmy Kimmel his plan to get perfect photo with president didn't exactly go as planned

By Rebecca Macatee May 27, 2015 3:59 PMTags

Judd Apatow and Leslie Mann wanted to take the perfect picture with Barack Obama.

The thing is, though, the president is a busy guy, so even celebs only get a second or two to say their hellos and strike a pose alongside the leader of the free world. But as Apatow revealed last week on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, he and his wife were armed with a plan when they came face-to-face with Obama!

"I went to see the president speak, and it was the day he did 'Mean Tweets' on your show," Apatow recalled. "So when you meet the president, usually what it is is a fundraiser and you get about 30 seconds to take a picture with him and you can say one thing to him."

"Most people want to talk politics with him, but I know that he is depressed from talking politics—he'd rather talk about Superbad or something like that," he quipped. "So, I just try to talk about dumb stuff...I decided to talk to him about how your show went."

"I wanted a good picture of him laughing," Apatow explained. But when he asked Obama about his "Mean Tweets" experience, he gave an underwhelming response. Mann was going for the giggle, so "she forced him to do the mean tweets for us," her hubby recalled.

That resulted in a comical pic of the president looking quite pensive as the funny couple looked on at him adoringly. But this wouldn't suffice!

"I wanted to get a good picture of us laughing, because I know if we laugh in the photo, it looks like we're friends," said Apatow, who then pulled up "the picture of us reacting."

LOL, Obama didn't look quite as amused! "Nobody has ever had their ass kissed harder than right there," admitted Apatow.

They had one final chance to get that perfect pic, so did they? Watch the Jimmy Kimmel Live! clip above to find out! Plus, find out the borderline inappropriate (but hilarious) candid confession Mann made to Obama!

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