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Jenna Williams

For some, the closet is a sanctuary of tranquility and precious pieces. For others, it's storage space. For Catt Sadler, however, it's a sartorial story book recalling the E! News anchor's evolution from small-town girl to TV host.

Recently, the 40-year-old correspondent invited us into her charming Los Angeles home for a thorough read.

Perusing the racks was like flipping through chapters of Catt's life. Pieces didn't get more expensive with age and success. Rather, with each item Catt brought to our attention came an endearing memory and feelings of genuine attachment.

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Don't get us wrong—luxury designers were aplenty. But for the singular Burberry trench or Hermès cuff, Catt told us an interesting tidbit that we would never catch on air. There was an apparent ease to the usually glammed-up TV personality. And, oh yes, the former makeup counter associate still loves her H&M. 

In fact, the minute you walk into her closet, you feel less intimidated by the woman of a thousand wardrobe changes. Her closet is smaller than expected (perhaps it's because half her belongings are in her dressing room at work) but it's alive with details only an Indiana girl with an ever-growing love for style and some pretty awesome career highlights could create.

It's a curated safe place, in which her casual-chic, Balenciaga-loving off-duty persona can live. Take a tour and see another side of Catt you might not expect.

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