Buffy & Willow Reunion! Sarah Michelle Gellar & Alyson Hannigan Are Almost Twinsies—See the Cute Photos!

The two reunited for a party with their families

By Corinne Heller May 24, 2015 7:09 PMTags
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Buffy and Willow are together again!

Sarah Michelle Gellar, 38, who rose to fame as the lead character in the cult '90s and '00s series Buffy the Vampire Slayer, recently reunited with Alyson Hannigan, 41, who played Buffy's bestie Willow. The two spent time together with their families—including Hannigan's husband Alexis Denisof, who is also a series alum!

"So this girl (#AlysonHannigan) and her husband (#AlexisDenisof) know how to throw a party," Gellar wrote on Instagram on Saturday, almost exactly 12 years after the show ended, alongside a selfie of the two. "I thought I was good with the crafts, till I went to this party #CraftMaster Thanks for having the #PrinzeFamily I've never seen a farm and pony rides in Santa Monica before #NowIveSeenItAll."

The two are pictured wearing blue denim—Gellar sports a jacket and Hannigan is wearing overalls. So '90s!

Earlier this month, Gellar and Hannigan ran into each other at a Michaels crafts store.

"I had a lovely time with @SarahMGellar when I ran into her at Michaels today," Hannigan tweeted. "Our mutual love of crafting would make Willow happy I think."


Denisof, 49, portrayed Wesley Wyndam-Pryce on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and met Hannigan on the set of the show. They wed in 2003, several months before the series ended after seven seasons.

Hannigan has in recent years also became known for her role as Lily on How I Met Your Mother and her hubby played the recurring role of news anchor Sandy Rivers. The two share two daughters—Satyana, 6, and Keeva, who just turned 3.

Gellar has been married to Freddie Prinze Jr., 39, since 2002 and they share two children—daughter Charlotte, 5, and son Rocky, 2. The actors met on the set of the 1997 movie I Know What You Did Last Summer and the two also played Daphne and Fred in two Scooby-Doo films.

Buffy cast members have reunited periodically.

In 2014, Gellar hung out with Michelle Trachtenberg, 29, who played her little sister Dawn, and Seth Green, 41, who portrayed Willow's love interest, Oz. She also reunited with Anthony Stewart Head, 61, who played her mentor Giles.

Also that year, Nicholas Brendon, 44, who played Buffy's other BFF Xander, and Emma Caulfield, 42, who played his girlfriend Anya, reunited in Australia, while Charisma Carpenter, 44, who played Xander's ex Cordelia, and Eliza Dushku, 34, who played Buffy's nemesis Faith, met in Salt Lake City.