Pitch Perfect 2, Taylor Swift

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The Pitch Perfect 2 Bellas might be opening up auditions for one special star.

E! News caught up with stars Anna Camp and Skylar Astin at the Elle Women in Music event presented by eBay. Although it's unclear if Pitch Perfect 3 is happening. Skylar confessed, "I wish we were cool enough to know these things, and not tell you, but we don't know anything, really, truly. We won't be the first to hear."

So, hypothetically, scratch that, when Pitch Perfect 3 happens, who would the pair like to see join the Bella's? Taylor Swift! Camp tells E! News, "I think that Taylor Swift would make a great Bella. I really think she would. I think it would be an even bigger movie!"

A bigger movie? It's hard to even imagine Pitch Perfect 2 becoming any bigger than it already is, since their album is already No. 1 on the Billboard 200 Albums chart, and the film made nearly $70 million in the box office last weekend.

But Taylor Swift plus the Bellas would be one film we would love to see.

What would be the first of the songs they'd sing? Skylar says, "'Shake it Off'!" Anna jumped in saying, "Well we'd have to sing 'Blank Space,' and have a whole 'Bella girl-power moment!'" #WhoRunTheWorld? Girls!

Rebel Wilson

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Moving on to other Pitch Perfect news, we had to ask the Pitch Perfect stars about the bizarre stories circulating about Rebel Wilson's age.

Skylar, acting like the true gentlemen he is said, "I have no comment, not because I know anything about it. But because that is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. It's so rude to ask a woman her age, and to speculate about anyone's age, and Rebel's a great person, so who cares?" Well done!

Camp nodded her head in agreement, then jumped in saying, "Yeah, she's awesome no matter how old she is."

Age soon won't matter if it goes Anna and Skylar's way, because Camp tells E! News, "I'll do Pitch Perfect 25!" Skylar supported his girlfriend saying, "Yeah, we want to do like the old age home." Camp added, "I want to be old lady Aubrey, with my walker and gray hair!"

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