BuzzFeed Staffer Slams One Tree Hill's Paul Johansson for ''Misogynistic'' Comments

Actor was being interviewed in conjunction with the Mad Men series finale

By Lily Harrison May 20, 2015 8:03 PMTags
Paul JohanssonChelsea Lauren/WireImage

Paul Johansson's attorney is slamming recent allegations made against his client by a BuzzFeed staffer.

Susan Cheng is accusing the One Tree Hill and Mad Men actor of making sexist remarks towards her and female coworkers during a recent office visit.

According to Cheng, Johansson allegedly bragged about his tennis skills to one of her coworkers, saying, "My serve is pretty strong. I'll serve that ball right down your throat."

Cheng also claims he told a crew "I'm not shy," and "I'm sweating like a rapist," while filming a segment for the site.

Johansson's lawyer Andrew B. Brettler sent a response to BuzzFeed saying that "there is nothing sexual or inappropriate" about his client's tennis ball statement and that the article was embellished "in an effort to attract readers."

The attorney added that his "sweating like a rapist" comment was "purposely taken out of context" and that Johansson never touched Cheng "in an inappropriate or sexual manner."

"Mr. Johansson was discussing his acting career and imitating the types of brute characters he has portrayed on television," he went on to say. "For Ms. Cheng to impute to Mr. Johansson the negative traits of the characters he has played on TV is reckless and defamatory on its face."

Meanwhile, Cheng explained her reaction to the interview in her article from earlier this week.

"After all, it was just the culmination of about three comments from Johansson that would've been inappropriate in an ad agency in the early 1970s, like the one his misogynistic character works at on Mad Men," she wrote. "But this is hardly 1970. It's 2015, and we work at BuzzFeed—far from the time or place where I would've expected his remarks."

E! has reached out to Johansson's attorney for comment.