Kaitlyn, The Bachelorette

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Gotta be honest here: That was boring…until the season highlights promo.

Chris Harrison wasted no time whatsoever in revealing the result of the vote: Britt Nilsson is not going to be the Bachelorette, meaning our girl Kaitlyn Bristowe is now tasked with finding the love of her life as dramatically as she can on national television. Lucky her?

We didn't quite hear what Britt was saying as she cried in the limo, but here's what we think she might have said: 

"That...sob...was...sob...so pointless...sob...and probably...sob...just...for ratings...sob...but I hope...sob sob sob...this is is enough...sob...crying...to fulfill my contractual obligations." 

So, without Drunk Ryan and tear-covered Britt, the only drama was whether Kaitlyn would give roses to the guys who voted for Britt. In the end, some of them went home, but not any of the ones we cared about. And we really only cared about one: Shawn B.

Our fave Ryan Gosling/Calvin Harris/smooth talker got the first impression rose, so we don't have to worry about him leaving, but we do have to worry about the fact that he probably won't be calling us any time soon. Darn!

Now, we did not keep track of who did and did not get roses. There are just too many guys, and we just don't care yet (other than Shawn B.). We do know that one guy, Brady, did not get a rose because he asked to leave so he could go off in search of Britt. Chris Harrison kindly agreed to help him get back in touch with Britt, and the very end of the episode cut off right as Brady was knocking on her hotel room door. 

However, then it was time for the season trailer (which will be added to this post as soon as it's available) and boy was it loaded with goodies, and also a few things that made us very afraid of what's to come.

First of all, WHAT IS NICK VIALL DOING THERE? If you'll recall, he was the runner-up on Andi Dorfman's season, and he got real teary after she rejected him despite having slept with him. Now, he's apparently back to vie for Kaitlyn's heart, and it appears as if she might have slept with him too…and not in the fantasy suite.

This brings us to our second "oh no" moment, because we can't imagine that this will be the first time some sex has happened when it wasn't really supposed to on the show, and we really, really hope this doesn't turn into a slut-shame party. Yeah, maybe it's unfair to all the other guys if she's sleeping with one of them, and yeah, maybe we're going to think it's gross because we DESPISED Nick during his previous time on the show, but we hope those are the only reasons Kaitlyn gets any flack for that particular move.

You do you, or whoever, whenever, Kaitlyn. The only thing we're judging here is your choice of guy, if it is in fact Nick who you sleep with. If it's Shawn B., then we would like to request the highest of fives.

We'd also like to apologize to our parents if they're reading this.

How are you feeling about the season after that promo? Head to the comments to weigh in! 

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