Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, Feeling Myself Video


Try as hard as you want, but the Internet refuses to be left out.

Word got out earlier today that the highly anticipated music video for Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé's track "Feeling Myself" was released (cue the shrieks!), but there was a catch—it was only viewable to Tidal subscribers. UGH.

The exclusive release may not come as a complete shock to those who have been following the new business venture. After all, both of these soulful divas are part of the long, star-studded list of partners for Jay-Z's new music streaming service.

But the Twitterverse was very upset at the fact that they couldn't watch Nicki and Bey get down to the track.

And whaddya know? Someone did come through with the leak.

It wasn't very long before the duo's video hit YouTube for the masses to appreciate. Sure, the quality isn't the greatest, but you're still able to see Bey and Nicki show off their enviable curves while chillin' at Coachella, twerking, cooking, drinking and enjoying cheeseburgers on a moon bounce.

Sigh, the perfect friendship.

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