Did Emily VanCamp Just Answer the Revenge Series Finale's Greatest Unsolved Mystery?!

Did Amanda actually receive Victoria's heart or was it just a nightmare in the ABC hit's series finale? Find out what VanCamp said on Twitter!

By Tierney Bricker May 18, 2015 12:04 PMTags
Revenge, Emily VanCamp, Gabriel MannABC/Richard Cartwright

 Break out the red Sharpie 'cause we can now cross one mystery off our list!

While the Revenge series finale managed to wrap up many storylines and deliver two major deaths, there was still one major question lingering after the screen faded to black: Did doctors actually save Amanda's (Emily VanCamp) life by using Victoria's (Madeleine Stowe) heart as a transplant, meaning her nemesis would live on forever inside of her? 

When we chatted with showrunner Sunil Nayar after the May 10 finale, he was happy fans were still wondering whether or not that actually happened. "I love the fact that it's an open question," he said. "I had many conversations with Emily and Madeleine Stowe about it, about what the metaphorical import was, what the physiological import was, what the story import was."

Well, it's now a closed question, thanks to star Emily VanCamp!

Revenge's leading lady took to Twitter on Sunday night to clear the air about the show's last remaining mystery, and her answer might surprise you.

"Emily did not receive Victorias heart!! The idea was that it was a recurring nightmare that would haunt her forever. #Truth#Revenge," she wrote

So there you have it: Emily did NOT receive Victoria's heart!


Of course, Nayar hinted at that fact during our chat, saying, I just liked the idea that it's definitely a nightmare Amanda is having," but he also said he loved "that it is being debated" by the fans.

"It speaks to the core of the show: not knowing who you are in any given moment and not knowing if that is good or bad or if you are your own worst enemy," he said. "I love that it is being debated. I hoped it would. What are the implications if it's true vs. if it's just her nightmare?"