Scandal, Finale


Did it just get real bright in here or was that just Scandal's weirdly happy ending?

Pretty much everyone but Papa Pope (and maybe Jake, and Mellie, and Cyrus, and Huck after all that murdering he just did) walked out of season four and into the sun, towards a brighter future than anything we could have imagined for anyone on this show. 

It probably won't last, but for now, Olitz is real. Jake may have professed his love for Olivia, but he gave up after he realized her heart will always belong to Fitz (ugh, gross, we're so gross). 

Mr. Prez kicked Mellie out of the White House after discovering that Rowan successfully blackmailed her into giving her the list of juror names in the B6-13 trial, who were then brutally murdered by Huck (who was also being threatened by Rowan). 

Fitz then fired Cyrus for pretty much all of the crimes he has ever committed, which actually makes all the sense in the world), and named Lizzie his new Chief of Staff. 

Scandal, Finale


Meanwhile, B6-13 seems to have been actually, really, for-realsies taken down. While Rowan Pope might still be out there yelling into the abyss about how he can never be defeated, his alter ego Eli Pope is currently in prison for years of stealing money from the Smithsonian, thanks to a little meddling from Olivia Pope and Associates. 

The episode ended with Fitz and Olivia standing smooching on the Oval Office balcony. It was dark outside, but "Here Comes the Sun" was playing while they threw caution to the wind and kissed in full view of any potential tourists taking a quick trip to the White House. 

So that was weird, and unlike any other finale Scandal (or any other Shonda show, for that matter) has ever given us, and we're actually like 99% sure that didn't actually happen and they just forgot to get back out of the dream sequence and show us the real world again. 

As for where we go from here, we have not a clue, but we're definitely still going to expect Olivia to wake up from a magnificent dream when the show returns in the fall. 

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Just a note to Jake though: We will love you. Through wine and piano sex and kidnapping and stabbing and matters of national security, we will love you, even if you are bad at emojis

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