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Dancing, singing and hanging out with a group of close-knit friends all day long? Aca-awesome. Profusely sweating under the Louisiana sun? Not so much. But that's what our favorite fictional a cappella group, the Barden Bellas, and the rest of Pitch Perfect 2 cast had to endure.

Watch the movie come Friday's release and you'll see every fake lash and shimmery shadow in its place. How on earth did this nature-defying miracle occur? It was all thanks to lead makeup artist Melanie Hughes-Weaver and her team of beauty specialists, of course. Here, the makeup maven breaks down the genius tips you can use on—or off— set.

Blotting Points
Suffocating weather was the biggest obstacle for Melanie and team. Think: hot, humid and sticky conditions with a major mosquito factor. Add performance sweat, and it's a perfect storm. Because typically-thin blotting papers did not suffice, the makeup pro thought of a more effective solution: "I used auto-body-shop towels (blue reusable cloths) and cut them into blotting papers," she admitted. They worked like a charm!

Proactive Measures
Whether you're in humid conditions or at an all-day event, melting makeup is inevitable. "The secret is to not let it go too far," Melanie advised. When you get a chance, "use a clean brush and maintain the makeup before it starts to run. Keep a small brush in your kit to clean up under your eye and around your lips. Blend those areas with your skin's own oil or with a little bit of powder. You get a lot of mileage out of manipulating your skin with a clean brush or a finger."

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Act Quickly
Melanie depended on long-wear pencils to intensify eye colors—without having to re-apply between every take. These pencils are a makeup miracle, lasting from day to night and beyond, but application may be tricky. "Once you get the pencil on, smudge it quickly on the lash line for a more dramatic eye," Melanie advised. "You can go dancing and it won't get into your creases. But you have to blend it right away! Keep it moving or else it's going to dry."

Clean-Up Crew
With layers of mosquito repellent, sunscreen, foundation and other makeup products, it's safe to say the cast's visages went through the ringer. Lucky for them, healthy skin care was a priority for Melanie. "We washed their faces every night," she said. "At  home, do a light scrub, and when you apply foundation later, you'll do a double take because your skin will look so good." She also suggested a DIY mask to call it a day: "If you don't have allergenic or sensitive skin, try covering your face with a warm towel spiked with a few drops of lavender or geranium oil. It's soothing and a great way to end of the day."

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