Human Barbie Valeria Lukyanova Has "Pity" for Body Critics, Explains Why She Now Wants to Be Muscular

Controversial Russian model reveals she focused on getting stronger so that she is more able to defend herself following violent attack last year

By Rebecca Macatee May 14, 2015 6:08 PMTags
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Valeria Lukyanova, nicknamed the "Human Barbie" by the media, showed off her still-slender but slightly buffed-up bod in a series of photos posted to Facebook earlier this week.

The 29-year-old Russian model's new goal, she said, is to build muscles and become more of an "Amazon Woman" with a "warlike figure" (as opposed to looking like the disproportionate doll that she used to idolize). The Internet responded rather harshly to Valeria's provocative, midriff-baring pics—but she wasn't defeated.

In a Facebook post Thursday, the controversial Internet star wrote that "it is a pity" that many people choose "the path of degradation" when they "see a man [or woman] who has succeeded with something better than they are..." Some of this might have gotten slightly lost in translation, but essentially Valeria seems to believe all her body critics are coming from a place of envy.


She went on to note this "is not the first time" she's "noticed the negative comments" about her figure, musing that those against her "write in such a frenzy [of] nastiness that I have the impression [they feel] that I have stolen the last piece of bread" or done something that "spoiled [their] very existence."

Valeria mentioned that she while she had been "in good shape" prior to an incident this past Halloween in which two men violently attacked her outside her home, her physical priorities "all changed after [that]." She continued: "Since then, I decided to seek not just relief, but good and strong muscles like a female warrior Amazons! I was inspired by the Queen of the Amazons-Medusa....Her body is perfect, I think."

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And while Valeria believes her body to be "Still far from ideal, very far," she wrote proudly that her "strength is increased. And I think, without exaggeration, that I can cope well with a man, if I was again someone dares to attack. Now I have the strength to rebuff. And that's just the beginning."

Valerie expressed an interest in taking part "in certain sports," but wrote that she finds it "so funny' but "troubling " that "the girls and boys from sporting groups write such nasty things about my body." (It's unclear who she's referring to here.) In any case, though, she implied once again that "so much negativity" aimed at her all stems from jealousy.