Mike Comrie, shield your eyes!

Hilary Duff has released her music video for "Sparks," and it features footage from her Tinder dates. Just in case he's the jealous type, he might not want to click play! The music video itself is interesting because it also features spliced clips from Duff's on-air interviews in which she discusses her experiences with the dating app and even home videos of her and her pals swiping left and right over dinner.

If you've never used Tinder before, this music video will give you the insight you need on how the app works. Although Duff has been open about her Tinder experiences, opening up about her bowling date with one guy and her pals, viewers actually get to see her inside the bowling alley. She also takes you on another date in which she goes go-kart racing with another Tinder man.

Hilary Duff, Sparks


When she isn't hanging out with her pals or her suitors, the Lizzie McGuire alum and her blue hair is dancing against magenta and blue walls. She puts her toned legs on display in short shorts and tight pants as she dances through the choruses to the beat of the whistle.

Although the "Come Clean" crooner was initially skeptical of what the dating app would bring her, she ultimately enjoyed her experience. "I never eve thought I would do something like this," she says in the video, "and when I just surrendered to the experience I had a great time."

She also offers advice to her interviewee (and her fans). "Go do something crazy," she implores. "Go do something you wouldn't do before."

Her foray into the Tinder world might have been solely for this music video, but Duff has previously said that if sparks flew (pun totally intended) with a Tinder gent, she wouldn't rule it out! "I don't know if it's going to happen on Tinder...I wouldn't turn it down if I was actually, genuinely into a guy and thought he was good for me and we had a serious connection," she explained on the JohnJay & Rich Show.

She did add, however, that she found her time on Tinder to be very unique despite just having fun. "I'm not just totally joking around, but I'm also not taking it very seriously," she said. "I think the whole thing is like fascinating to me."

Her Tinder life might be over since "Sparks" has debuted, but watch the video above to see what could've been!

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