Fat Amy AKA Rebel Wilson isn't the quietest of the Barden Bellas, so asking her to play the Whisper Game with Jimmy Fallon Wednesday was a tall order. But somehow she succeeded, and was actually pretty good at The Tonight Show game.

The rules were simple: One person put on headphones that played loud music while the other whispered words that were written on a card. The person with the headphones then had to guess what his or her opponent said.

Wilson kicked the game off with the headphones on while Fallon was asked to say, "deflated balls." Although she didn't hit the nail on the head, she got kind of close! The Pitch Perfect 2 star initially guessed, "feel my balls," but when she couldn't quite figure it out, she said, "I'm still getting 'feel my balls.'" LOL!

When it was Fallon's turn to don the headsets, he couldn't help but jive to the rhythms playing in his ear before trying to guess Wilson whispering, "forklift driver." To be fair, who would ever guess that?!

Rebel Wilson, Jimmy Fallon, Tonight Show

Douglas Gorenstein/NBC

But Fallon came close! (We're starting to question how "loud" the volume was on those headphones.) He guessed, "fortified drivers" and "for lifts travelers." OK, so maybe that second stab wasn't his best work.

Finally, Wilson proved victorious as she successfully guessed Wiz Khalifa when it was Fallon's turn to start whispering again. They were both so excited at the win that the Pitch Perfect comedienne threw the headphones down like a metaphorical mic drop.

While promoting Universal Pictures' latest film, Wilson also dished to Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan that she learned Brad Pitt and his family were huge fans of the first installment of the musical comedy. So how did she respond? By hugging him for an inappropriate amount of time! "I just kind of hugged him and for a really long extended time, to the point where he's kind of moving back. When do you get that opportunity?"

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