You might think that the cast of Scandal would be the right people to ask if you want the inside scoop on tonight's finale, but you'd be quite wrong.

When E! News caught up with stars Bellamy Young, Darby Stanchfield and Scott Foley, we were hoping to get some answers heading into tonight's episode. Instead, what we got was…confusion.

"I can tell you that I genuinely don't know," Young says. "We got an email from Shonda Rhimes this week that said she woke up with this idea in the middle of the night, she unlocked the locked finale and changed everything. So genuinely, I have no idea." 

"I don't really exactly know how it ends," Stanchfield tells us. "I can't wait to see it Thursday either."

As for some rumors that there may be casualties as Olivia and co. go up against Papa Pope, Stanchfield couldn't confirm that either.

"We'll see!" she says.

Foley, at least, gives us a little bit more to go on, though it's also possible he didn't get Shonda's email.

"I think there are people in positions and places that you wouldn't expect them to be," he says of the finale. "Maybe they're no longer where you think they should be. I think if you're a fan of the show, you're really going to appreciate what they've done with the end of the season."

Olivia Pope herself Kerry Washington plays it safe, just saying, "Gladiators are going to flip!" 

We also got the actors to answer one other very important question: if your character were an emoji, what emoji would they be?

Their answers will delight you: 

Bellamy Young emoji gif

E! News

Young is disappointed that there isn't an emoji for chagrin, so she went with the good old gritted teeth emoji. 

Darby Stanchfield emoji gif

E! News

Stanchfield knows what's up and makes good use of the "closed eyes tongue sticking out" emoji. 

Scott Foley emoji gif

E! News

Foley claims that he doesn't use emojis and couldn't come up with anything better than "a bloody leather jacket," so here's a .gif of him saying the word "emoji." Never change, Scott Foley. Never change. 

Scandal airs tonight at 9 p.m. on ABC. 

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