Disney Princess Perks


When we say "blow your mind," we don't mean that we think these videos will literally make your brain explode because that would kill you, and we just aren't in the business of murder via Internet, despite the rumors you might hear about us. We just used that phrase in the headline because these videos are really fascinating, and perhaps you'll find them interesting as well. Maybe you won't. But you're here, aren't you? Might as well give them a peek.

Who knows? Maybe your mind will actually blow up and then our headline will be literal.

Anyway, it's no secret that studios reuse animations and backgrounds to save time and money, as perfectly once demonstrated by The Simpsons.

But you might think that the king of all animation, Disney, might be above a "shortcut" like that, when in reality, they've used that trick a lot. And if you didn't know that about Disney films, you might not be able to watch certain scenes the same away again. And if you did know that Disney staff members reused old animations in movies like Beauty and the Beast and Jungle Book, well, we still think this supercut, put together by Movie Munchies, is pretty cool:

Crazy, right? We consider ourselves pretty big Disney nerds and we knew that Disney reused certain animated sequences to cut down their budgets, but we had no idea they used it so many times. And this video is titled "Walt Disney Recycled Animation Scenes #1" so there's probably more recycled footage to come.

We happen to enjoy finding out new information like this, so we're excited for the next video. Some might call that lame. We call that….OK, it's lame. But we're proud to be lame, at least.

(H/T The Verge)

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