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It's TV finales week, and this year has been brutal!

NCIS is the latest in a long line of shows recently to flip the script on longtime fans and potentially kill off a main character.

Warning: major spoilers below! If you have yet to watch the NCIS season 12 finale, avert your eyes now! Everyone else, please proceed.

Is Gibbs dead?! Say it ain't so! NCIS wouldn't really kill off Mark Harmon, right?!

Unfortunately for him (and us!), things weren't looking good for Gibbs by the end of the intense and action-packed hour.

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After young kid Luke was abducted by the terrorist group The Calling, Gibbs, DiNozzo and CIA Officer Joanna Teague tracked him down to Zakho, Iraq. And this is where things got dicey.

DiNozzo got a mysterious call from Daniel Budd, aka the leader of The Calling, distracting him while Gibbs separated from the group to follow a suspicious girl. After successfully getting Gibbs out in the open, the girl smiled and left, and then Luke appeared. Gibbs seemed happy to see him for a moment, until he saw that Luke was carrying a gun, and aimed it right at him.

The young boy then shot Gibbs in the knee, and then in the chest. Down Gibbs went, and down our jaws went...all the way to the ground. Not only did seeing Gibbs bleeding out on the ground shock us straight to our core, the fact that a young child was the one wielding the gun made it all the more chilling. Watch the shocking moment above now!

Would NCIS really kill off its main character? And would it really be at the hands of a child?! Vote in our poll below!

Did NCIS kill Gibbs?
Do you think that Gibbs is really dead?

The fact that we'll have to wait until season 13 premieres to find out means it's going to be one very long summer, people.

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