Celebrity Jeopardy Is Back! Can Stars Top These Top 5 Favorite SNL Parodies Ever? Watch Now

See the funniest clips of all time

By Brett Malec May 12, 2015 10:48 PMTags
Celebrity Jeopardy, SNL 40th Anniversary CelebrationDana Edelson/NBC

Celebrity Jeopardy is back (thank Jesus)!

Stars like Aaron Rodgers, Bellamy Young, Zachary Quinto, Debra Messing, Josh Gad, Penn Jillette and many more are set to take on Alex Trebek this week during the return of Celebrity Jeopardy. While we wait to see who has the smarts and who falls flat (and ultimately who wins), we thought we'd take a look back at our favorite all-time Celebrity Jeopardy parodies on Saturday Night Live.

Check out our top five SNL skits now!

1. David Duchovny as Jeff Goldblum: Back in 1998, David Duchovny portrayed the quirky and lovable Jeff Goldblum with uncanny accuracy. From his adorkable nerd glasses and weird antics to his perfect impersonation of Goldblum's signature voice, you gotta love this skit!

2. Jim Carrey as Matthew McConaughey: For SNL's 40th anniversary special, a bevy of stars reunited for a hilarious Jeopardy sketch. Even though Taran Killam's Christoph Waltz was insanely perfect and Kate McKinnon's Justin Bieber was spot-on, nothing made us laugh harder than Jim Carrey channeling Matthew McConaughey in his infamous Lincoln commercial. "What are any of us doing here? Whether I get your question right or wrong, free will is an illusion and fate plays us," Carrey says in the clip. LOL!

3. Jimmy Fallon as French Stewart: Former SNL cast member Jimmy Fallon did a hysterical French Stewart back in 1999. His squinty eyes and manic voice perfectly embodied the nerdy 3rd Rock From the Sun actor.

4. Tom Hanks as Tom Hanks: Who doesn't love Tom Hanks?! The lovable Oscar winner played a dumber version of himself on a 2009 episode. He forgot his own movie Cast Away, used a pen as a microphone and incorrectly answered "This is the only state that ends in Hampshire" with "South Hampshire." Host Alex Trebek even admitted in response to Hanks' stupidity, "I had such high hopes for you."

5. Darrell Hammond as Sean Connery: No one will ever be funnier than Darrell Hammond portraying the mischievous and idiotic version of Sean Connery. From his constant insults to the host ("Suck on it, Trebek! Suck it long and suck it hard!") to his constant mis-readings of the categories (he pronounced "Therapists" as "The Rapists" and "Who Reads" as "Whore Ads"), he is just the best.