Jimmy Garoppolo: 5 Things to Know About the Suspended Tom Brady's Dreamy Replacement

Get the scoop on the New England Patriots' backup quarterback!

By Lindsey Caldwell May 13, 2015 1:34 AMTags
Jimmy GaroppoloJoe Robbins/Getty Image

As of yesterday, Tom Brady has been suspended for the first four games of the Patriots' season (though he has time to appeal the decision). And with Brady out, backup quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo will be taking over.

Here's what you need to know about Jimmy, and why you shouldn't stop watching Patriots football:

1. He Looks Good in Uniform: See photos above and below. With his chocolate-brown hair and megawatt smile, he's sure to melt some hearts along the way. Speaking of that smile, in 2014 he was graded "Best Smile" among quarterbacks by NFL Network's Mike Mayock.

Never forget where you came from #EIU

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2. Pro Pounds: Brady and Garoppolo weigh the same! Even though Brady stands 6 foot, 4 inches and Garoppolo is two inches shorter, both NFL quarterbacks weigh in at 225 pounds.

The 2 QBs doin it right baby #Champs

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3. He's Already Bested Tony Romo! In 2013, as a college senior at Eastern Illinois University, Jimmy broke Tony Romo's school record for most touchdowns. The two may actually have a chance to play against each other this season, which would make NFL history. Pending the appeal, if Garoppolo starts for Week 5 in the Patriots game against the Dallas Cowboys, this will be the first time 2 Eastern Illinois Quarterbacks have started an NFL game.

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4. Mama's Boy: He loves his mom! Ladies, this is a great sign for you. Haven't you heard the old saying: a man treats his lady just like he treats his mom? So when it came time to choose who he would take down the red carpet at the 2014 NFL Draft, Garoppolo escorted the most important woman in his life down the red carpet, his Mom!

The only girl I'll ever need, love her #MommaG

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Celebrating Moms Birthday tonight #4Brothers

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5. Brady's Bro: While there's an obvious age gap between the two (Jimmy is 23 and Tom is 37), that's been beneficial to the two QBs. Jimmy has said, "Tom is like an older brother to me." Aww!

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