Jamie Foxx Is All in Love and Pouring on the Romance—in His New Music Video! Star Talks Inspiration and Dating in Hollywood

"That's universal...what you want to say to a person that you're in love with," Grammy winner told E! News behind the scenes of his "You Changed Me" video

By Natalie Finn May 12, 2015 7:55 PMTags

Jamie Foxx may be single at the moment, but the well from which he draws his inspiration to pen those love songs runs deep.

"That's universal, when you look at what music is about, what you want to say to a person that you're in love with, you know," the Oscar and Grammy winner explained to E! News at his L.A.-area home during a behind-the-scenes visit to the set of his new music video for his track featuring Chris Brown, "You Changed Me."

"And I've been lucky and blessed enough to sort of be able to have that, be able to sit down and create," he added.

"When I sit down there," at the piano to write, "I'm really at home." The fruit of his most recent labor, his fifth studio album, Hollywood, comes out May 18.

So it's no wonder that other artists have found a home-away-from-home at Foxx's pad as well (watch the clip to find out which major star spent six weeks kicking it on Foxx's studio couch), which he calls "a cool place to come and not only party" but get your artistry on as well.

Asked about his relationship status, the Django Unchained star told us, "How did James Brown say it? I'm 'single and ready to mingle.'"

"Love's hard anywhere though," Foxx replied when we inquired whether it was especially tough to find love in Hollywood. "It's really hard out here. But I been out here so long, it's like you just sift through, sift through..."

Watch the clip to hear Foxx's words of wisdom about finding love!