Ann Coulter, Michelle Obama

John Lamparski/WireImage, AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Ann Coulter appeared on Hannity Monday night to talk about race relations.

The Fox News segment began with a clip of Michelle Obama's recent commencement speech at Tuskegee University—a place with its own history of advances and setbacks in racial equality—which she spoke about her own experiences with racism. Coulter quickly reassured host Sean Hannity she was there to relay "the black perspective on this" whole thing (seriously, you can't make this s--t up).

"She's just letting out her Reverend Wright now," the conservative personality insisted, referencing the Obamas' controversial former pastor. "Last week she was claiming museums discriminate against, aren't welcoming to minorities. What do they have to do? Be even freer? What are museums doing?"

Coulter went on to insist that racism was basically solved until President Barack Obama was elected. "We had finally gotten rid of a lot of this racial demagoguery in response to the O.J. [Simpson] verdict and Obama and his enablers and the left wing media have brought it back in order to gin up and keep a certain segment of the black community angry and voting against Republicans," she said. "But I think they've opened up a beast they are not going to be able to control."

When Hannity interjected to insist the Obama administration is having a rough term and speculated that it is distracting people by focusing on the Baltimore protests and other race-related controversies, Coulter agreed, saying "distract from it all by constantly crying racism."

Coulter added that white Americans are "making it up now" for slavery and the proof is in the fact that black teens are "getting admitted to Princeton when you can't read." "Is that enough yet?" she asked.

Coulter finished by declaring there are no race-related biases in our criminal and justice systems. "This nonsense about how many blacks are in prison. How did they get there?" she asked. "In addition to the peaceful Baltimore protester I want to put on a milk carton—‘Have you seen this?'—I want to see the innocent person in prison."

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