Gillian Anderson Drops The X-Files Scoop—Remember Mulder and Scully's Son?!—And Is Totally Hilarious

Exclusive! Scully is now Mulder? Wait a minute...

By Kristin Dos Santos, Chris Harnick May 12, 2015 4:15 PMTags
Watch: Gillian Anderson on Revisiting Dana Scully!

Gillian Anderson is a national treasure. Scratch that, she's an international treasure because of all her work overseas (run, don't walk to The Fall). The Emmy winner is bringing Dana Scully back with The X-Files in a six-episode event series in January 2016 and everybody—seriously, everybody you know—is super excited. It will be an event, that's for sure. So what can we expect?

"I actually don't know a thing," Anderson told us on the red carpet of Fox's 2015 Upfront. "I literally don't know—No, I'm serious for the first time ever…"

However, she did drop some big scoop: She's playing Mulder this year. There will be red speedos! There will be some believing! She's kidding, but she did talk about that scene David Duchovny donned the red speedo for a swim. You know that scene.


"The first time I heard they wanted to bring it back I was just like, 'Uh...No. No way in hell,'" she said in the video above. So what changed? Not the money, that's for sure. You'll see in the video above why she's International Treasure Gillian Anderson.

OK, but for real what can we expect? Anderson has the first script for the new The X-Files, but she hasn't had time to fully immerse herself back in the world. And frankly, there are some nerves. "I'm a little bit nervous about it because I want it to be really good, but I need to find the right time…Apparently, we had a child, which was conceived in the episode I wrote and directed, so I shouldn't be too shocked, but I kind of forgot about it for a while and had to be reminded...William is like 14 now, so I'm sure he'll show up at some point. That's about all I know."

As if we needed another reason to be more excited for the return of The X-Files! Click play on the video above for more!

The X-Files returns to Fox on Sunday, January 24.

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