Becky G, Austin Mahone

Rodrigo Varela/Getty Images for Univision

Some may call it a glow. Others would call it pure happiness.

Whatever the case may be, Becky G has never been happier and Austin Mahone may be a huge reason why.

"I'm so excited. I think it's really awesome that my fans have been so supportive along this journey and especially right now," she told E! News at the premiere of Tomorrowland held at Downtown Disney in Anaheim, Calif. "I'm in such a happy, good place."

She continued, "I think everybody can see that and I think it's cool that I get to share that part."

In recent weeks, Becky G and Austin have been spotted kissing at airports. They've also shared more than a few romantic moments on Instagram.

But perhaps the biggest sign that these two were a couple was when the 18-year-old singer debuted her new music video featuring her special friend.

"I've known him for such a long time," she said after clarifying he's more than just "kinda" cute. "We started off as really great friends and we'd always check in on each other…and we'd always get in the studio together. You grow up, things happen and here we are."

Becky G

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney

So, is it too much to say these two are in love? Well, let's have Becky G answer that one.

"Am I in love? I'm young," she said. "I'm doing what young people should do. It's having fun."

Having fun and making some catchy new music. In addition to her latest single "Lovin' So Hard," Becky G revealed that she may have another hot collaboration with Austin coming sooner rather than later. If all things go according to plan, it will appear on her upcoming album.

"We'll continue to make music together so hopefully it gets out for the fans to hear," she teased. "I know they're excited to hear it."

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