Beyonce, Jay-Z, Met Gala 2015

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We all saw how phenomenal Beyoncé looked at the 2015 Met Gala, and now she wants you to look as good as she does.

How does she do it, you might ask? With a little help from her plant-based diet and Marco Borges. In an article in the New York Times, Beyoncé explains how she got involved with the self-dubbed "life coach" and why plant-based diets (note, not vegan) work for her.

In an email to the Times, Queen Bey wrote, "At first it's the little things I noticed: I had more energy." But after doing more research and feeling (and looking) better about herself, she decided she wanted to teach others about her newfound methods.

"The benefits of a plant-based diet need to be known," Beyoncé wrote. "We should spend more time loving ourselves, which means taking better care of ourselves with good nutrition and making healthier food choices."

Beyonce, Met Gala 2015

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

So, she and her husband teamed up with Borges to start 22 Days Nutrition. But all three are quick to say they're not vegans, instead choosing to use the term "plant-based" because they believe the V-word has a negative connotation. Borges told the Times, "You picture someone who lives in Colorado that doesn't wear deodorant. There's a negative stereotype."

Bey has become the unofficial taste tester of the group, but all three pull equal weight when it comes to running the company. Borges, however, tends to run more of the day-to-day activities of the business. The "Run the World" crooner even gave Borges a reality check when he initially refused to offer snacks.

"She looked at me and she's like, 'Marco, come on, we have to be realistic,'" Borges recalled to the publication. "People like to snack, and if they're going to snack, let's give them a good option.'"

According to the paper, Bey also wants to add more salads to the menu, which seems hilariously ironic, but apparently preventing them from becoming too soggy is the issue at hand. Otherwise, it's smooth sailing for this team.

"We're very much in sync," Borges said. "I guess friends are like that."

Borges told E! News after the Met Gala that it was, in fact, the 22-Day Revolution that got Bey back in top shape for that jaw-dropping gown. He added that the plan is "unique in that it's not a diet but rather a way of life which starts with habit formation over 22 days. With most diets you see weight loss and then as soon as the program ends the weight slowly starts to add back up again."

Would you try the plan? Sound off in the comments below!

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