Revenge Boss Reveals How Many Deaths Will Rock the Series Finale—Who Should You Be Most Concerned About?

Exclusive: Sunil Nayar promises "resolution" for all the ABC soap's characters in the series finale, "Two Graves," airing on Sunday, May 10

By Tierney Bricker May 08, 2015 4:02 PMTags
Emily VanCamp, RevengeABC/Danny Feld

"Nobody gets out of this world unscathed."

Revenge is going out in the exact same manner it came into the Hamptons four years ago: with a bang.

After four years of takedowns, twists and deaths, the ABC soap is coming to an end, with the network canceling Revenge earlier this month. And TV's guiltiest pleasure isn't going silent into the night, giving its loyal fans a series finale filled with an epic showdown, surprises, and of course, death. 

So just how many people will die in Sunday's finale, which is fittingly titled "Two Graves"? 

ABC/Colleen Hayes

"I can promise you that at least two people will be in graves by the end," showrunner Sunil Nayar tells E! News.

And yes, there could be more. "You never know, [there's] a lot of peril," Nayar teases. "There's a two-grave minimum." 

And if you remove Emily (Emily VanCamp) and Victoria (Madeleine Stowe), who will finally have the showdown four years in the making , from the equation, Nayar says there's two characters that fans should be most concerned about.

ABC/Richard Cartwright

"I feel like Jack has always been in peril, both emotionally and physically, due to his love for Emily," Nayar warns. "I think that people should've have a legitimate concern for Jack, people should have a legitimate concern for Nolan, both of them are put in harm's way or put themselves in harm's way in the episode."

But really, this is Revenge, so you should be worried about every character--even the ones you might not necessarily like very much.

"I think that everybody is in peril," Nayar says, "And obviously fans have their very polarizing feelings about some of the people on the show; me, I love the characters of Margaux and Louise, and obviously, they skewed to the dark side, but even their journeys will end in a way where the audience will understand who they are as human beings. There's nobody on the show who is to be simply reviled, that there are revelations in the series finale really help to shine a light on what the origin was for everybody."


Given all of the horrible things the Hamptonites have endured, and sometimes wrought, it's hard to imagine a happy ending is on the table for any of the characters at this point.

"I think that they can be happy within a perspective of if you get out of this, you're happy in the way that you've survived the war," Nayar says. "There's no leaving this battlefield unscarred, both physically and mentally, so I think that there will be, the audience will be promised some degrees of happiness for some people, but there's never a version of it that isn't also just tinged with the darkness of the journey."

Still, you can expect to see "resolution" for each and every character, as Nayar promises, "Every single character got a resolution that is both emotionally satisfying, story-wise satisfying, and often times really surprising."

Revenge's series finale airs Sunday, May 10 at 10 p.m. on ABC.