Fresh off the 2015 Met Gala, Anna Wintour is ready to open up not only about the ensembles she saw but also the people who attended!

Appearing on Late Night With Seth Meyers, the Vogue editor-in-chief talked gowns, suits and Kanye West. "I adore Kanye," she said.

This is not a drill. Fashion's most iconic woman "adores" the "Only One" rapper, and now that he has officially entered that industry, we can only picture their relationship blossoming! We digress...

"The wonderful thing about Kanye is he likes to talk and basically likes to talk about anything sort of like Karl Lagerfeld," she said. (Try not to stumble over Kanye and Karl being named in the same sentence.)

The gushing continued. "[Kanye's] brilliant," she said. "I like to listen, so we have a very close relationship."

It's "the perfect match," host Seth Meyers joked.

Anna Wintour, Seth Meyers

Lloyd Bishop/NBC

As fashion connoisseurs know, the Met Gala has a changing dress code. Last year's event was white tie, but this year Wintour decided to make it "Chinese white tie," which left many confused. She dished that many called her team to explain, "in detail," what it meant exactly.

Her answer? "White tie with a touch of China." That clears it up!

But she had a sense of humor about her choice, joking, "I made it up."

Although she didn't go into too much detail about outfits she didn't like, she did name specific stars she thought looked great including Anne HathawayDwyane WadeJustin Bieber and George Clooney.

The late night talk show host had to pause on Clooney, however, because by the end of the night he wasn't even wearing tie at all! It turns out he doesn't have to.

"First of all, he has Amal [Clooney] on his arm, and he's George Clooney," she clarified. "He doesn't have to wear anything."

"That's just a freebie," Meyers quipped.

To find out what else she had to say about the Met Gala, including the "handsome sandwich" she was part of, watch the video!

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