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Update: False alarm! A source tells E! News that that is probably not Chris' hand, since Chris is currently on a plane flying back from New York. That means there could still be a Bachelor wedding in our futures, so we can rest easy, y'all. 


Don't play us like this, Chris Soules.

Just a day after his truly unfortunate Dancing with the Stars elimination, the former Bachelor and current fiancé to Whitney Bischoff posted this casual Instagram post that's pretending to be all about corn.

"Some of our corn planted last Monday, just about to emerge. Looks good!" he wrote about the tiny plant he's holding in his palm.

Fans, of course, are ignoring the corn and freaking out about the picture's other major feature: a big silver ring on Chris' ring finger.

Now, we all know much Chris loves corn. It's no surprise to us that he would race home immediately after being eliminated in order to be there for his beloved crops, but is it also possible that Mr. Soules had another major reason to rush home after being voted off of his latest reality show adventure?

Could it be true that Chris and Whitney got married already, and this is Chris' subtle way of announcing it?! 

Maybe Chris and Whitney were just anxious to make it official and have their first turn on the dance floor before all of Chris' newfound dancing skills faded away? Or perhaps Chris didn't want wedding planning to get in the way of planting season? We get that the life of a farmer is one ruled by mother nature, but this just seems so, so soon.

Of course, that ring could just be a fashion statement, or that might not even be Chris' hand, and we sure hope it isn't actually a wedding band because how dare you get engaged on national TV but then deprive us the joy of watching the actual nuptials. That would just be: 

New Girl, Lamorne Morris gif


No word yet from any ABC reps as to whether or not that is actually a wedding band, but we're sure they'll get back to us about this very important inquiry ASAP. In the meantime, here's Chris being confused in some corn: 

The Bachelor, Chris Soules gif


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