Amy Schumer, Jeff Goldblum, Vincent Kartheiser, Paul Giamatti

Comedy Central

This season of Amy Schumer's hit Comedy Central show has already been packed full of viral moments, and last night's episode was certainly no exception.

The entire thing was a parody on 12 Angry Men featuring some of the most famous men in Hollywood.

Jeff Goldblum, Paul Giamatti, Vincent Kartheiser, John Hawkes and more gathered around to debate whether the comedienne is hot enough for television.

Ryan McFaul co-directed the episode alongside Schumer, and opened up to HitFix about how the entire thing came about.

"This season, it was kind of a secret thing, where my first week of prepping, we were short three sketches, and I was hearing that Amy was working on this opus that was going to take an entire episode," he shared.

"She wouldn't even say what it was at first…She hadn't let anybody read it. None of the producers had seen it…and it was amazing right out of the gate."

McFaul also explained how Schumer worked hard to cast her first picks for the hilarious parody, saying, "She had Hawkes in her mind right from the beginning. Amy, really, the casting was all her. She went after everybody, a lot of this was her design right from the beginning."

And at the end of the day, he admits that all the hard work was worth it.

"This was hard. Our show is not big-budget. We really had to juggle a lot to build that set and to accommodate the schedules of all of those actors. And then we had a freak snowstorm on the day, so we started four hours late, because nobody could get out to Greenpoint. But we really had to put to make it happen."

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