Arnold Schwarzenegger Acts Out His Films in 6 Minutes, From Terminator to Jingle All the Way—Watch Now!

James Corden helps the actor recreate his most iconic scenes on CBS' The Late Late Show

By Zach Johnson May 05, 2015 12:55 PMTags

Viewers already saw James Corden help Tom Hanks reenact his filmography in under seven minutes, and on Monday, the Late Late Show host helped Arnold Schwarzenegger do it in six! Together, they performed scenes from many of Schwarzenegger's famous movies—even the duds!

The Austrian-born actor made his feature film debut in 1970's Hercules in New York, though his accent was so thick that this lines were dubbed in post-production. That movie wasn't included in the sketch, though he and Corden did pay homage to several of his earlier roles, including Conan the Barbarian and Pumping Iron.

When Schwarzenegger and Corden recreated a scene from The Expendables, they used cardboard stand-ins for Kelsey Grammer, Mickey Rourke, Randy Couture, Jason Statham, Mel Gibson, Sylvester Stallone, Wesley Snipes and Jet Li. "Are we doing Expendables 1, 2 or 3?" Schwarzenegger asked.

Corden wasn't sure, asking him, "Well, what's the difference?"

"I don't know," Schwarzenegger replied. "I never saw any of them."

Schwarzenegger and Corden also performed bits from CommandoTwinsEscape PlanTotal RecallThe Running ManBatman & RobinJuniorKindergarten CopLast Action Hero and Jingle All the Way. Each scene featured a new costume change and a different backdrop.

When the time came to do Terminator, the actor uttered his famous line: "I'll be back." Proving he's a good sport, Schwarzenegger also said his famous lines from Predator ("Get to the chopper!") and Terminator 2 ("Hasta la vista, baby!").

Perhaps the funniest moment came when Schwarzenegger and Corden recreated True Lies. The scene opened with the actor sitting on a barstool, as the host—wearing a wig and a bra—tried to seduce him. "Dance for me," Schwarzenegger instructed. No, no, no. Slower. I want sexy." Corden did as he was told, giving Schwarzenegger a lap dance and wagging his tongue. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, he slapped Schwarzenegger and yelled, "You pig!"

"I can't get up!" Schwarzenegger said. "I have an erection!"

After the bit, Schwarzenegger said he was "scrambling" to change costumes and wigs between scenes. "I couldn't put the clothes on fast enough!"

He also revealed that Kindergarten Cop was his favorite film.

"For so many years, I tried to do a comedy and I couldn't, because as soon as you make all this money from action movies, they said, 'Why would we go and change now the mode? This is the perfect vehicle. We'll make a lot of money with you. We'll keep giving you action scripts.' Then, when I finally met Ivan Reitman and we did Twins and then we did Kindergarten Cop, I was in heaven, because it was such a great director. I worked with Danny DeVito," the actor said. "And then in Kindergarten Cop, working with all those kids, it was such great training, because when I went to do Sacramento...I had to be kindergarten cop up there."

The actor also reflected on Terminator's 30th anniversary in the video below.