More to Gossip Girl's Sickness?

Is Taylor Momsen sicker than she wants us to think?

By Ted Casablanca Oct 23, 2008 6:46 PMTags
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Gossip Girl gal Taylor Momsen just suffered a “life-threatening” throat infection and has been hospitalized in Hell-Ay, poor hon. She’s on the mend, of course, and expected back at work pronto. OK, despite the severity of her sitch, Tay’s “pretty much made a full recovery” already, says her doc. Glad to hear it.

Now, just throwin’ the following out there 'cause it’s our damn job to do so, but there are those who work alongside Taylor, a scary-skinny 15-year-old thrust into the public eye on a show full of thin starlets, who think the gorgeous babe just might have had something to do with the throat infection she came down with. They think her bony bod may have at least contributed to her ill health.

“She’s, like, sickly thin,” bitched a fellow Gossip Girler. You’d be naive to think eating disorders ain’t common on shows full of attractive thesps vying to be H'wood’s most desired, i.e, thinnest. Just ask Portia de Rossi about staying small while she was on Ally McBeal with all those lollipop-headed ladies.

And the effects of bulimia include oral trauma, swollen salivary glands and rupture of the throat. Certainly hope this isn’t the case with T.M. Maybe it’s all the fault of filming in cold New Yawk weather, nothing more?

—Additional sass by Becky Bain