Keira Knightley Gives Birth! Actress Welcomes First Child With Husband James Righton

British star has a new family member to love and admire

By Mike Vulpo Jun 06, 2015 6:30 PMTags
James Righton, Keira KnightleyJB Lacroix/WireImage

UPDATE: Multipe reports confirm that Keira Knightley and her husband welcomed a baby girl last month. Congrats again to the proud parents! 


Keira Knightley can now add "mom" to her impressive list of accomplishments.

The British actress and Academy Award nominee has welcomed her first child with husband James Righton, multiple sources confirm to E! News.

And as she predicted on The Ellen DeGeneres show just a few short months ago, she was able to succeed in the "whole birthing plan."

"There isn't an option to sort of keep it in, is there?" she quipped to Ellen DeGeneres. "So, I'm assuming my plan is to get it out. But apparently there's more to the plan than that. I don't know what that is. Still, my plan is to get it out. It will come out."

While she kept the sex of the baby under wraps for quite some time, it was no secret that the actress was really looking forward to having a drink after her journey to motherhood was complete.

"When can I drink? Please?" she joked to the talk-show host. "I just want a margarita!" What other moms can relate to that?! 

For Knightley and Righton, who have been married since May 2013 after experiencing a romantic ceremony in the South of France, the option to have a stay-at-home mom in the family has been brought up on more than one occasion. Ultimately, the actress believes she balance both work and family.

"I'm glad that the subject is coming up again," she told Vogue back in 2012 when referring to the timeless debate over whether women can really have it all. "I remember doing interviews, and people would ask, as if it was a joke, ‘So you mean you are a feminist?' As though feminism couldn't be discussed unless we were making fun of it. I don't want to deny my femininity."

One close friend who is more than confident in Knightley's abilities is her director from The Imitation Game movie.

"She's going to be a wonderful mom," Morten Tyldum told E! News with a smile while praising his film's leading lady. "She's a wonderful person!"

He continued, "She's so sincere, so loving and her husband is great and they're such a great couple." Awww!

With that happy news, congratulations Keira and James on your new bundle of joy! 

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