Matt LeBlanc Sings Classic Tunes from Friends Proving He Still Has Love for Joey Tribbiani—Watch Now!

Actor appears on The Graham Norton Show to relive some memorable scenes

By Mike Vulpo May 02, 2015 11:16 PMTags

Well if we can't get a cast reunion, at least there are moments like this!

Matt LeBlanc stopped by The Graham Norton Show Friday night with fellow guests Kit Harington and Rebel Wilson. While the actor may have thought he was going to talk about his latest show Episodes, the conversation quickly turned to his beloved sitcom Friends.

Norton admitted that he really enjoyed the musical moments in the long-running series including one scene when LeBlanc's character—Joey Tribbiani, duh!—performed in a musical about the life of Dr. Sigmund Freud.

So what does the guest of honor decide to do? How does an impromptu performance sound to you?

"I think it was right in the very beginning of the first season, like episode four or something," LeBlanc explained. "It was called Freud." 

But wait, he wasn't done! LeBlanc also remembered an episode from the fifth season where his character Joey encounters his identical hand twin. We know, such a Joey thing to do.

"So he comes up with this song and I think it goes like this," LeBlanc said before singing the lyrics to the tune of Woodie Guthrie's "This Land Is Your Land." "This hand is your hand, this hand is my hand, No wait that's your hand, Oh no that's my hand!"

We know, the nostalgia is real!

While there was no talk of a Friends reunion Friday night, E! News chatted with the show's co-creator just last week. We're sorry to report that a group gathering on the small screen is not going to happen, like ever.

"Not happening," Marta Kaufman shared at the premiere of her new Netflix series Grace and Frankie. Fans of the show "have to let it go. It's never happen." Well at least we have Joey's crazy antics that will live on forever. Thank you Netflix