How to Smile, Smize & Smolder—Just Like Jennifer Lopez

J.Lo shows us how to strike a pose

By Diana Nguyen May 01, 2015 4:00 PMTags
Jennifer Lopez, Billboard Latin Music AwardsRodrigo Varela/Getty Images

The 2015 Billboard Latin Music Awards red carpet may not have been actually red, but it was ablaze with the most barely-there, sequined and sheer ensembles we ever did see. To top it off, the Latino entertainment industry's best complemented their looks with confident smiles, sexy smizes and stares that smoldered. 

What exactly is the difference between these levels of fierceness, you ask? For this we turn to the woman who can evoke a thousand emotions—and killed it on stage in her tribute to Selena last night—Ms. Jennifer Lopez

The Smile
Most every celebrity knows what, when and how to use the different kinds of smiles to help establish their presence, but J.Lo is especially versed in the art. She often flashes a pretty—albeit safe—smile to fans and audiences, making eye contact and letting her pearly whites do all the talking. 

When Jenny is feeling fun in feminine silhouettes or at events where she can showcase her personality, like on American Idol, you'll often see she's nothing but smiles. 

The Smize
Tyra Banks was spot-on when she coined a term Hollywood and fashion elite regularly use on the red carpet and during photo shoots. The smize entails smiling with your eyes. Sure, you can purse your lips a bit, but the eyes should tell the story. To get this look, start with deadpan stare, bring down your chin a bit, raise your eyebrows ever so slightly and then focus your eyes.

Jennifer is a big fan of the smize and uses it constantly on the red carpet when her face may be tired of flashing big smiles. She also uses it to lend an air of mystery and sultriness. 

The Smolder
Eight out of 10 times you see Jennifer out and about, she's smoldering. It requires a perfect combination of hair, makeup and, especially, attitude. The gaze must be focused, the lips must be unwavering and the hair must be its own entity—you don't even have to talk, because your presence alone is putting others at awe.

The best time to smolder is right after you kill it on stage or after some kind of accomplishment, when you're wearing a sexy ensemble or when you're simply feeling like a boss.