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Some may call a gym-to-brunch dash counterproductive, but what's the use of burning calories if we can't enjoy a little bacon and Champagne afterward? No matter what your post-workout philosophy or destination, emerging from the gym doesn't mean having to walk around bare-faced and sweaty skinned.

Instead, use that hard-earned flush to your advantage with a few aesthetic upgrades, likeRosie Huntington-Whiteley. As celebrity makeup artist Tina Turnbow pointed out, you don't need to spend major time in the locker room or have an arsenal of makeup to upgrade your look from sweat-caked to cute. Here is her quick fix for girls on the go.

Quick cleanse: If you don't have time to wash your face after sweating it out, refresh your face with a cleansing wipe, Turnbow suggested. Choose a wipe equipped with both skin nourishing and makeup-removing properties so they can be used to clean up any makeup mistakes. Everyone Face Remove Towelettes are not only primed to remove makeup; they contain enzymes to exfoliate and rosewater to soothe.

Upgrade your moisturizer: "Applying tinted moisturizer is a simple way to even skin tone," Turnbow said. (If you don't have a tinted moisturizer, make one of your own with foundation and moisturizer.) Add a few drops onto fingertips, rub fingers together to warm the product then apply to face just as you would a moisturizer, being careful to blend into the neck and behind the ears for a natural finish.

Go rosey: Raising your heart rate isn't only great for the cardiovascular system; it's good for your skin. Play up your natural flush like Rosie does. Paint lips with a warm pink color, like NYC Smooch Proof Liquid Lip Stain, then use the same stick to add a hint of color where your cheeks are naturally flushed—the shade will extend the healthy glow long past when the natural flush wears off.

Enhance the eyes: Since few quick eye makeup jobs can top the chic look of sunglasses, pack your favorite pair and focus on building a stronger brow look instead. Make the eye shadow in your makeup bag do double duty by using it to fill in brows, Turnbow suggested. Look for a palette stocked with non-sparkly shades, like Too Faced Natural Matte Eye Shadow Collection, which also comes with a few light shades to highlight the brow bone, top of nose and cupid's bow.

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