The Internet Is Preparing for the Onslaught of "It's Gonna Be May" Justin Timberlake Memes

Everyone on your Facebook feed and your Twitter timeline will be sharing that one 'N Sync photo now that May 1 is upon us

By Jenna Mullins Apr 30, 2015 6:28 PMTags
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Every. Damn. Year.

We don't know why we're always so shocked to see it when the end of April comes around. But yet, here we are again, surprised and rolling our eyes to see Justin Timberlake's ramen-hairdo from his 'N SYNC days smiling all creepy with the caption "It's Gonna Be May."

Because you guys: it is gonna be May. As in May 1. Tomorrow. And in "It's Gonna Be Me," JT sings "me" in a weird way that sounds like "may." And we're as nostalgic for those boy bands years as the next '90s kids, but maybe it's time to retire this thing.

You see, the Internet loved this meme so much and what happens when the Internet loves something? It uses it and posts it and shares it and tweets it until everyone hates it.

And that's where we are in 2015 with this "It's Gonna Be May" meme. Look, we loved in 2010. And we gave it a chuckle in 2011 and 2012. By 2013, we were done. And now people are either sharing it to be cruel and heartless or there is just a whole new generation of people who have never seen it and think it's the most hilarious thing in the world.

There are some things on the Internet that will never not be funny to us: videos of cats trying to jump off of something and falling. Montages of shirtless Ryan Reynolds. This vine of a llama dancing to DMX.

But the Justin Timberlake meme? We're done with it, and not just because it's been overused but because we will now have "It's Gonna Be Me" in our head for at least 12 hours. And we're not alone, because Twitter is preparing for the onslaught of Justin's face on their timeline. And we never thought we'd be sick of Justin Timberlake's face. The Internet ruins everything!

In short:

But to be fair, there are tons of people who are excited about this day so because we're trying to be more optimistic and less a--hole-ish, we're going to let them have this day:

And if Lance Bass says it needs to be shared, then all our previous grievances are now null and void, per the laws of former boy band members on the Internet:

Another for good measure! #ItsGonnaBeMe @DirtyPopLive

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