Lizzie McGuire Reunion, Instagram


When Hilary Duff goes bowling, it's a very notable event.

The actress opened up about her very first Tinder date Tuesday morning, telling On Air With Ryan Seacrest she went bowling with a mystery man named Tom and some friends, but she left out one tiny secret...her date doubled as a Lizzie McGuire reunion! Lizzie, Miranda (Lalaine) and Matt (Jake Thomas) bowled alongside Duff's friends and Tom's friends.

"So this happened last night... #LizzieMcGuire," Thomas captioned the pic.

But we have one extremely important question: Where is Gordo (Adam Lamberg)?!

Didn't he and Lizzie fall for one another after she realized Paulo was a scummy pop star? Weren't they meant to be together for all fictitious TV time?! Answer us, nostalgia gods!

*Sigh* At least we got these three back together again!

It must have been a really fun day for Duff, who seems to be enjoying her new single relationship status. The 27-year-old recently filed for divorce from Mike Comrie but with her gal-pals by her side she seems to be doing OK, especially since she's already back on the dating scene!

Bowling squad strong. @lowenban @erin_mcp @alisialeibel @moflo1 @megso

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"We went bowling so we didn't have to talk too much, but we did talk a lot actually," she explained to the radio hosts. "He was cool. He brought a friend and I had some friends there. He used to be in editing for reality shows. Now, he's an actor and he just wrote a play. He's an interesting guy. To be honest, I don't really want [to date] an actor...I think he has a few jobs."

It might not have been love at first sight, but she's not writing him off completely! "I don't know how I'm feeling. We'll see how it goes."

When asked if she and her date kissed goodnight, Duff exclaimed, "No! Absolutely not."

So is she going to give Tinder another try? Without a doubt! "I'm just a Tinder animal," she said. "I had my Tinder training wheels on for my first date. Now it's smooth sailing."

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